Build an Insta Community

There was once a time that meeting strangers online was cool. Jeff had a long distance relationship with a Russian model from MySpace, Riley met the Hollywood agent who would kick off her career through Facebook… and we all had meaningful conversations with nameless, faceless strangers on Chat Roulette.

Lists That Help You Figure Sh*t Out

I’m a big believer in lists. When in doubt – I make a list. A while ago I was walking around with a friend when she suddenly asked me, “what kinds of lists should I be making?” And from that question, this post was born. A list of lists: LISTCEPTION. If you haven’t ever thought about the things in this post before – get out a pen and paper cause it’s going to be a long night.

Books, Tools, and Resources

A collection of amazing creators, books, videos, and other content that I highly recommend. If you’re killing time online – do it here:


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